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HAMMAR 151HS is the result of an extensive development effort, in combination with the latest technology and long experience.

HAMMAR 150-Series sidelifter

The largest and most powerful sideloader in the world! 36 tonnes lifting capacity as standard, Tested to 52 tonnes. High lifting cranes for quick and easy double stacking (no shorteners needed) including extra stabilisers on non lifting side for the extra stability when double stacking. Designed for transferring containers easily and safely, also to and from railway wagons.

Following is an example over the standard equipment you will find on the HAMMAR 151HS. Please also view other extras under ACCESSORIES where you will find additional interesting extras to fit to your new or second hand HAMMAR.

Extra stabilisers

The HAMMAR 151HS is equipped with extra stabilisers on the non lifting side. This is to ensure extra stability and safe lifting when double stacking two containers high.

Any sideloader without these extra stabilisers should not be used for double stacking for safety reasons.

2 x 20' Centre Container Beam

The HAMMAR is equipped with a Centre Container Beam, perpendicular to the chassis beam and positioned in its centre. This beam has four twistlocks on its extremities. The extra beam allows simultaneous transport of two loaded 20' containers with high safety standard.

In addition, two HAMMAR Twin-Locks are included, for connecting two empty or lightly loaded 20' containers for simultaneous lifting.

Operating from a separate engine on the HAMMAR, new Quiet Clean Power, 3/Stage IIA.

One separate Power Pack, for independent drive of the hydraulics, on the HAMMAR. The engine is a 4 - cylinder, water cooled PERKINS diesel engine, with 62 kW power (84Hp) and with a 24 volt electrical system. The engine is directly driving a hydraulic pump, with 2x28 minute litres displacement. The engine automatically shuts down at overheating or low oil pressure.

• Quiet Clean Power
• High performance, productive power
• Cost efficient power
• Reliable durable power

The power pack is completely mounted together with return oil filter, oil tank, approx 160 l, fuel tank approx. 60 l and built in a rigid frame with hatches for easy access and service. The hydraulics may be emergency stopped from the portable operating box.

Or operating from PTO & Pump mounting on your truck

Complete mounting of a PTO/pump set on your tractor truck unit.
The mounting includes:

• power take off (PTO)
• twin pump and pump suspension
• double overflow valve
• return oil filter
• side mounted oil tank, 160 l, with cap.
• remote-controlled engine RPM-adjustment for EDC (or similar) alternatively for mechanical adjustment
• hydraulic hoses, quick couplings etc.
• hydraulic oil

Aluminium rims

The tyres are mounted on aluminium rims. A forged aluminium rim gives you the following advantages: 5 times stronger than steel rims. 3 times better dissipation of heat compared to steel rims, giving longer lifetime for tyres, brakes, bearings etc. Lowers the fuel consumption with up to 2.5%. The life time of the rim itself is 15 years or more. No corrosion, repainting etc. Easily maintained. Gives a weight reduction of 134 kg and thereby higher payload.

Working lights

The work lights operate from a switch mounted in the rear alloy cabinet and are mounted under the centre container beam. You can, as an option, get another extra work lights mounted under each top arm.

Back up alarm

One back up alarm is mounted on the back of the HAMMAR. Gives a clear beeping sound when reversing, to alert and warn.

HOPE - Electronic eye

HAMMAR Optical Positioning Equipment. An electronic system on the HAMMAR based on two optical sensors, which will read the position of the container to be picked up, and will light up a green light at the crane front end. The indication light can be seen by the driver in the rear view mirror. Accuracy is ± 20 mm.

Hub odometer

One hub odometer, integrated in the hub cap. A practical detail for service intervals etc. The hub cap and the odometer are a closed unit, no risk of water penetrating inside the hub.

The counter is mounted inside the unit. The hub odometer has a very low height, which eliminates damages. It will be fitted on the centre axle, on the left hand side.


Warning lights rotating

One rotating amber warning light mounted on the HAMMAR. The light gives a powerful light automatically operated with the crane electrics, to warn people in the working area. Mounting position on the right hand side next to the landing leg.

Disc brakes

The HAMMAR is delivered with disc brakes on all axles. Advantages are: Endures high temperatures. High degree of thermal efficiency due to the free heat dissipation of the friction surfaces. Virtually no heat fading. Easy change of brake linings after dismantling of the wheel. Sensitive response and good variability due to low hysteresis in the entire wear area. No grease points on the axle.

Same components (SCS) are used in different places and different models. For example the cylinders are identical in many places. Six identical cylinders allow for easy and low cost maintenance.

The hydraulic cylinders form the heart of the cranes. They are our own design and of highest quality. Lifting cylinders with impressive 200 mm diameter.

The hoses and electric wires move inside a protective casing, which can easily be opened when replacing a hose. Simplifies your maintenance.

All functions are operated from a cord remote. As an option we can supply a cordless radio control.




All hydraulic cylinders are connected with hinged spherical bearings. Eliminates damages in movements and gives a linear load.